29 Days Now Panic and Freak Out - comic zine from a dialysis patient. RM5

Caspel -short story about art life/art zine. RM10

Conscious zine issue 3 - great personal zine from KL! RM2

Dis-Carnage zine issue 1 -metal music zine from Sabah. RM3

Guane Gu zine -stories from and about Terengganu. RM4  

Last Kiss #5 - temuramah dengan Fall To Ground Zine, Sinar Minion, tulisan dan lain-lain. RM4 (3)

Mok Ayoh zine #1 RM3 –Stories from Terengganu with 100% Terengganu slang

Mok Ayoh zine #2 (Piang Ujang) RM3 –Stories from Terengganu with 100% Terengganu slang
Mosh #13 zine -personal writings, interviews with Sally Faerie, Never Found, Broken Needle, Ak47, etc. RM4  

Mosh #14 zine - personal writings, art, interviews with Conscious zine, Scenery Is Free zines, Backyard Surgeons, Whatever That Means, Soul Savior, TIM and Carbon 4 Teen. RM5

Mosh zine #15/TSAB #5 –writings, reviews, news, photos, arts, interviews with Bacteriostatic, DRSA zine, Francis Wolf and Jim Straub RM4
Mosh zine #16/Norifumi #2 temuramah dengan ForeverXYoung, Iman's League dan Greenwell. RM5
Norifumi zine #1 -anekdot-anekdot peribadi yang kelakar RM2  
Psychotic Art Zine April 2014  -arts and poems RM7 

Small Man zine #4 RM3 –travelogue and DIY hc/punk zine

Small Man zine #5 RM3 –travelogue and DIY hc/punk zine 

The Railroad zine -fiction short story by Mat Norr RM6

#Cerita Seram (buku) -koleksi cerita seram yang dialamai oleh Jarr Najmuddin RM15

#Cerita Seram 2: Angker (buku) -koleksi cerita seram yang dialamai oleh Jarr Najmuddin RM15

Aksi Reaksi 2 (buku) -travelog dan perjalanan band punk rock Dum Dum Tak RM15

Blues Orang Jelebu (buku) -Blook tentang pandangan dan pengalaman hidup RM15

Buka Jalan (buku) -art book by Buka Collective RM12

Cerita Malaysia Tidak ke Piala Dunia (Buku) - RM23

Dari KLCC ke Tanjung Malim (buku) -Blook tentang pandangan dan pengalaman hidup RM15

Mat Tiara II -Le Lipisan tulisan-tulisan tentang Flat Tempoyang dan Kuala Lipis RM20 Muslimin United -kisah-kisah pemain bola muslim yang ternama RM15

Sekolah Bukan Penjara, Universiti Bukan Kilang (Buku) -buku tentang student power, etc. RM20 
Social Carbon Copy (book) -Spunky Funggy band travelogue. RM12


97 shiki/Bare Arms/Inquiry Last Scenery/Milvains – postpunk/scream 4 way split RM10 (1)

Argies 'Click Off' CD -Argentina fun punk rock that recently toured Asia. RM10ppd (2)

Banda Bassootti - Asi Es Mi Vida CD -Rome Ska punk RM15 (1)

Black Territory ‘This is Black Territory’ CD –Keramat Durjana metalcore RM20 (1)

Cervelli Stanki '15 years, old tunes...new blood' CD -15 tracks Oi! from Italy. RM15 (1)

Coche Bomba SEA discography CD -distorted 90's hardcore punk from Lyon RM10ppd (1)

Daighila 'Transitions' CD -Songs collection of this Rembau emo violence/hc/punk RM15

Dead Eyes Glow ‘In Search of The Glory We Had Lost’ CD –metalcore from Terengganu RM16ppd (1)

Descrimination Free 'Footsteps & Heartbeats' CD -Sabah old skool hardcore (1)

Destroy Nate Allen 'With Our Powers Combine' CD -husband and wife band playing like atom and his package/bikini kill RM15 (1)

Disaster Funhouse / Hooded 'split' CD -KL / Bandung old skool hardcore RM16ppd (2)

Discharge ‘Indoctrination of the masses' CD RM15 (1)

Dull Entertainment Programme ‘this one’s forever’ CD – legendary indie/pop punk from Kuantan RM10ppd (3)

Elemae/Memorial/Soon CD -indie pop international RM15ppd (1)

Elemae 'Popular Misconception of Happiness' CD -indie rock from USA with video RM15ppd (1)

Faded Face 'Flying To The Moon' CDR -ep melodic/pop punk...RM6 (1)

Fall To Their Death ‘Chains In Transmissions’ CD -5 lengthy sludge hardcore out of KL RM10ppd (3)

Family Man/ Injak Mati/ Michael Crafter split CD -18 tracks hardcore thrash punk from Germany, Indonesia and 
Australia RM8ppd (2) 

Francis Wolf ‘Hopefully Whenever’ CD –KL based folk-rock singer songwriter RM20. Recommended! (3)

Hantamrata CD –Indonesian thrashcore RM10 (1)

Hurricane 'In Vein' CD - Nogori Mathcore like D.E.P, Converge...RM15 (2)

Iron Cage 'nature isn't mute, modern man is deaf' CD - Holland screamo/hardcore RM10ppd (7)

I See Dumb People 'Let's Berdesup' CD -rockin skapunk/core RM15 (1)

Ja + Amen 'Stahlschester' CD -Dutchland Punks RM15 (1)

Kah Roe Shi ‘Shi’ CD – heavy crust from KL (4)

Low Fat/Onset of Serious Problem CD - Thailand/Indonesia Thrash Grind RM10 (7)

Moda Moody 'Dan Rudies Terus Menari' CD -Malaysia 10 tracksmods ska RM10 (2)

Mozak/Rotten Charles Manson CD –grindcore split CD RM10 (3)

Nationhead 'Bring Back Our Glory Days' CD - Sunway CIty SKinheads RM10 (2) 

Ninja Hathory CD - Indonesian thrach RM10 (4)

Nitad ‘Ibland Kan Man…’ CD –swedish hc/punk RM12 (3)

Nobody Cares/Chachi on Acid -USA/Canada skate punk/punk rock/hc split CD RM10ppd (1) 

Nuisance Drilled 'All is Well, Euphoric Ending' CD -sludgecore violence KL. RM10 (1)

Perek Kasi Gerek 'Cynically Fast Runaway' CD -Kedah short-fast-LOL tunes RM10ppd (5) 

Rejected Kids "Unspoken Feeling" CD -Indo melodic skatepunk RM15 (1) 

Run Amucks 'Clawing Back' CD -American punk rock thrash RM10 (1)

Secret In Defense 's/t' CD -hardcore with thrashy parts from Kuantan RM10 (1)

Skinbasher 'Punkapak' CDR -heavy punk rock RM12 (2)

Silent farewell 'docudrama' –Jakarta post-hardcore,11 tracks RM15ppd (2) 

Sixth Dimension ‘Nikdy Nevis Kdy’ CD RM15 –Czech Republic thrash metal

Street Boundaries 'We are the Revolution' CD -hc/punk oi (2) 

Terserah/Terlarang 'Tersplit' CD - Malaysia/Indonesian mincecore/powerviolence RM10ppd (3)

The Everyday 'Globalisasi Retromodlist' CD -mod band RM10 (3)

V/A 'Deadly Mince Grinder'-grind 3 way split w/ Grind Buto, Proletar and Onset Of Serious Problems RM15 (5)

V/A 'War Like A Game, Misery Is Guaranteed' CD -thrash punk from Msia and Indonesia RM10 (2)

Vivi Sekt "A deception of Desire 2007-2010" -old anarcho punk RM10 (4)

When Chimps Attack CD -Austrlia mathcore RM10ppd (1)


199X/Mavis Dirty Project ‘East West Punk Rock’– Kelantan skapunk meets Sarawak punk rock RM6ppd (4)

679 ‘give the best of yourself’ CDR RM6 (2)

679 ‘share a smoke and smile with the joke’ CDR RM6 (2)

Bacteriostatic "Demo" CDR - Kulai Melodic hc/punk! Nicest for this year. RM6 (4)

Bombskilla 'Have a Nice Day' CDR -melaka skapunk RM5 (1)

Hereafter 'A Day To Remember' CDR - M'sian thrash metal RM6 (1)

Keladak 'Black Crows' CDR -heavy grunge/noise rock RM10 (1)

Skinbasher ‘Punkapak’ CDR –heavy metal punk + rock kapak in Malay. Something different RM13 (5)


Seven Crowns 'Sun Skulls' 
Jalan Sehala/Perek Kasi Gerek-split cassette
Pahaa Verta cassette 
Sista Sekunden 'Don't Blame Us'
Disco Volante 'Blood On The Walls' 
Hell Sakura


Aksi Reaksi (Dum Dum Tak)

Mavis Dirty Project (Kuching punk band)

Bacalah (Koleksi Zine) 


ner11 | 50 K promises 2 hours and still waiting cd ep -free/donation

ner15 | V/A Punk Rock Paradox cd: Skunkfix, Stick No Bill, Brayok, The Ray Gradys RM6ppd

ner21 | Last Strive Kuasa Kita CD -free/donation

ner26 | V/A Senandung Pawer-Kord CD RM15

ner31 | Never Found 'Nothing's Free' CDR RM6 (5)

ner33 | Johnny Not Gangster 'Only Walk' CDR RM5 (2)

ner35 | Soul Savior 'Punk My Ride' CD RM10

ner36 | TIM/Carbon4Teen 'Crypto Soldier and the Promised Land' CD RM10

ner37 | Seven Crowns 'Sun SKulls' Cass (2)

ner38 | Dum Dum Tak / Always Last 'split' CD RM15ppd

ner39 | V/A Give & Take CD RM15

ner40 | Greenwell 'Break Your Shell' CD RM15